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Bentley became sick at 6 months old. Suddenly my playful active exploring kitten was sleeping a lot. I didn’t realize what was happening. Then he developed the huge belly. I thought he was constipated and gave him laxatone. It seemed silly to make a vet appointment for constipation and they couldn’t see him for 2 weeks anyhow. Finally, after 2 weeks, I made a tech appointment for a claw trim and got into seeing the doctor that way. They did blood tests and an X-ray. The second day they did the ultrasound. They could see the fluid and drained out 200 ml of it. The doctor and I were very worried, but the formal diagnosis would take a week longer. I didn’t wait. I had heard somewhere of FIP and knew another cat owner in one of my online groups had fought it successfully, so I started googling it. Somehow I found FIP Warriors on Facebook and tried to apply for membership. I couldn’t answer the questions as I had no diagnosis yet, just a suspicion. God bless the admin!!! She reached out to me the next morning on Messenger to see what was going on and by noon I had my “admins” - the volunteers to help guide me in curing Bentley!!! AND they connected me with another angel here in my town - A wonderful lady who welcomed this total stranger into her home, during Covid, who gave Bentley his first shot ❤️ She taught me how to do the shot, and provided me with needles and meds to tide me over until I could obtain more. I then went to my vets and had a lesson from the tech on how to do shots, and bought needles. The vet supported me with all medical testing and monitoring during Bentley’s treatment and observation. And my pet insurance company really helped me with the bills. I did the shots by myself. FIP Warrior groups on FB were great support and my admins were a huge support and shared great knowledge with me and held my hand daily. I personally contribute to those groups daily - giving advice and support to others going through this journey now. After 32 days of shots, as Bentley got stronger, I tried a week’s course of pills to see how he tolerated them. He seemed to do well so I made the switch for the rest of his treatment. Since I had to get him neutered during the treatment period, we added extra days of meds to avoid a flare up/set back of the disease. So Bentley actually did 99 days of treatment instead of 84. Every 4 weeks the vet did full Chem Panels & CBC Blood tests on Bentley to evaluate his health. We continued that throughout observation. During treatment and observation, Bentley developed sores and other common side effects of the treatment. We got through all of those additional hurdles successfully, and my darling boy was declared cured in May of 2021! He is now a healthy active curious and loving cat who will celebrate his 2nd birthday in April. You would never know how close to death he had been. My vets are gobsmacked with Bentley’s recovery. Never in their careers had such a thing been possible! They and I pay it forward by helping others - giving them the information and support to try and save their beloved cats. God bless Dr. Pedersen and all of the incredible volunteers of the FIP community!!! They are all angels and helped save my Bentley’s life! I will be forever grateful!!!