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We adopted Bentley and another kitten from a local shelter at 3 months of age. After 1 week he started vomiting, became lethargic and had high fevers. After 2-3 trips to pet ED and vet he was diagnosed with FIP and we found XenbyCat. They were are lifeline in terms of how to obtain treatment medication and support over the 84 day injection. He cried after most injections and had skin sores at some injection sites. He wore a little homemade t-shirt over the sores as not to scratch the sores and they all healed without treatment. We counted down each of the 84 days of injections and the 84 days of observation with a celebration at the end of observation period marked by great lab and ultrasound test results. He is now 5 months post injections, weighs 13 lbs. and is the sweetest, craziest and loving cat. He taught us all that we can get through the treatment for FIP and the pandemic by coming out stronger in the other side.❤️❤️❤️