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My beloved cat BAZYL - 3 years old Maine Coon, weight ok 6.7 kg - need help !


On Saturday we went to the clinic for check up (Bazyl had diarrhea). It was supposed to be a quick, routine visit without stress. I did not expect what I will hear ... It started with "I do not like this abdomen". Then, by ultrasound and puncture, during which vet drew almost 0.7l of fluid from his abdomen. The liquid was light yellow, with a pee color&consistency. The vet said that she suspected feline infectious peritonitis and that it was a de facto incurable disease. The prognosis is not good. The world has collapsed. Holding Bazyl, I couldn't stop crying. Doctor took blood samples for more tests & sent us home. It was a very sad Easter for me.

For Bazyl to be as strong as possible, he gets chicken and special, high-protein meals (Royal Canin recovery liquid). In addition, he gets steroids, which he must take every day.

Bazyl has always been a cheerful, energetic cat. He chased pigeons on the windowsill, talked to me a lot, accosted ... He was very sociable. As my friend says about him - "he is such a free spirit!" . Now, unfortunately, he has become very thin, just skin&bones ... He is clearly uncomfortable. He doesn't sit on his favorite chair anymore, he is less spontaneous ... and sleeps a lot more. Thankfully his fortitude does not leave him and I can still hear his characteristic meowing - "Wow-waw!"

Another visit on April 17 did not bring any good news. Fluid in his tummy changed its color to amber and unfortunately it also became thick. Bazyl started to get feverish (39.6C) and clearly the disease is killing him from the inside. Doctor sampled the liquid for PCR test and we are waiting for the results. Morphology did not work out well. But we don't give up!

I appreciate every single day, every moment with my only, faithful, loving and boundlessly trusting friend - Bazyl. With all my heart I want it to last as long as possible and never end!

Unfortunately, Bazyl fell ill at the worst possible moment - during the coronavirus epidemic. I am well aware of this vile situation when we count every penny. My work has been suspended, so I have no source of income. Due to the fact that the earnings were not too high, there was also no chance for any savings. That's why I am asking for help. I can't do it without YOU. Despite these hard times, please support me in raising funds for the treatment of Bazyl. I will be grateful for any help, for every penny!

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