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I adopted Baymax and Mochi at 8 weeks old in August, shortly after my best friend Jasmine tragically left me before her time. They were full of energy and love. Over time, Mochi outgrew Baymax. In December, I started to worry about his low appetite and energy. He was also quite wobbly and delicate, and I worried it was more than clumsiness.

In early January, Baymax started treatment for Neurological FIP. FIP is one of the worst illnesses a cat can have. Until recently, it was nearly always fatal. Treatment is now available with fantastic outcomes. His appetite surged by dose 2. Within days, he was playing as a kitten again! Baymax was just 3.2 lbs when he started treatment; for reference, Mochi was a hearty 7.4. In just 26 days, Baymax is already up to 5.3 lbs!

Of course, treatment comes at a cost; while his rapid weight gain is absolutely wonderful, it also means we'll be needing more medication than anticipated. We have another 58 injections ahead of us.

Thank you so much for your love and well wishes as we battle this awful disease.

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