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Beautiful Bashful was diagnosed with FIP after I noticed a swollen tummy and peeing outside of his litter box. He was 6 years old and had always been a sensitive and nervous cat. A new addition to the house (although separated), had increased his anxiety and the stress had activated the FIP. Although I read thoroughly and became aware of the work of Dr Pedersen, the clinical trials were still underway and the trial drug was not available as it is today. Bashful was off his usual food and treats so medicating him was hard (and with a fatal diagnosis I also didn't want to cause further distress when he was clearly not feeling ok. My vet did some home visits and gave fluids which helped make him more comfortable. He passed peacefully at home and is missed every day. Thank you Peter for your efforts in raising awareness of FIP and to Dr Pedersen and all the veterinary professionals who have worked so hard to make this a treatable disease.