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Banban was diagnosed with "wet" FIP on 11/08/2019. We knew nothing about the disease and naively thought her swelling belly was caused by eating too much. We got to know she was in pain when we noticed her appetite was bad but her belly was getting abnormally bigger. We took her to the vet and, Yes, this cruel and fatal disease, was destroying our little angle's body. We were messed up. The vet said the treatment(GS injection) would be costly, and FIP was not confirmed 100% curable. Furthermore, GS was only available in black market, which made the quality and purity even unconformable. I'd been struggling to make a decision and my girlfriend couldn't stop crying, our kitty's condition was getting worse at the same time. I was gonna give up until I reached here and witnessed a few miracles. I came to realize that it would be one of my biggest regrets if I didn't even have a try. As a result, Banban had her first injection on 11/10/2019, and it seems she is getting better today(11/13/2019). Pray for our little warrior!