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Baku was diagnosed with dry FIP with ocular involvement on September 27. At diagnosis, he was completely blind, anemic, and only 3.2 pounds. Over the weekend I researched treatment options because my formerly feral kitten deserved a chance to live. Luckily I found out about a life saving treatment, and Baku began treatment with GS on October 2. Within a few days, his vision and appetite returned! He began gaining weight, and in a few weeks, he was playing like a kitten again. On December 9, after almost 10 weeks of GS treatment, Baku’s bloodwork was perfect, and we were counting down to the end of treatment. However later that day he began exhibiting symptoms of anemia again and his appetite and energy level decreased over the next few days. I did not suspect FIP since his bloodwork has been perfect! However on December 19, Baku started losing control of his back legs and having trouble walking, and I knew that his FIP had returned, this time with severe neurological involvement. The next day, he could no longer walk. On December 21, I started him on a higher dose of GS. That night he declined even more. I kept him warm and syringe fed him every few hours. His weight was down from 5.6 lbs to 4.2 lbs. The next morning, my little FIP Warrior began trying to move around, but with no control of his legs, he could only stand, fall, and roll around, but he was determined. Over the next few days, he started eating again and wobbling around the house. On Christmas Day, 4 days after beginning Baku’s 2nd round of GS treatment at a higher dosage, he brought me one of his toys! As of January 3, 2 weeks into his 2nd round of GS treatment, Baku’s weight is back up to 5.6 lbs, and although his walk is still a little wobbly, he is acting like a normal kitten again! Baku will continue GS treatment until March 13, or possibly longer if his labs indicate the need for longer treatment. As a widowed mom, I sacrificed and struggled to afford Baku’s first round of GS treatment. I am desperately trying to get help funding his 2nd round of treatment to save his life from FIP.

UPDATE: Baku finished treatment and the observation period in early 2020 and is considered cured.