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Azai Godoberto

This is Azai Godoberto. We live in Mexico City and last March 30 we learned he had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). With the broken heart, mainly because his birthday was a week before, we heard doctors recommend euthanasia, but then we found out about research made by Dr. Niels Pedersen at UC Davis and the hope started to get more and more real. Fortunately, we also met people with great hearts able to help us to get the medicine from US, although all the problems and extreme difficulties due to COVID-19 and the closed frontiers. Treatment consists to have for 84 days straight dosage of GS 441524. As Godo is doing very well, he has gain weight, which means dosage has been more and more elevated, which traduces in more money. He is now at day 65, almost finished, but we cannot keep affording the cost of treatment since it has been almost 5,000 USD. This is the reason we are creating this page, so we can collect  the last 1,000 USD so he can finish treatment and hopefully beat this horrible disease. Any contribution, for any amount, will be highly appreciated. Every penny counts! Thank you very much for reading and support Godo in his fight, he is my dearest warrior. Me and my family cannot bear the idea to lose him, he has been a year with us and really hope to stay for many more. THANK YOU

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