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Would you give up $20 for my treatment?

Diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Started to fight with  FIP on 25/08/2021
Let’s help Aslan to fight with FIP

* Please , support us during the process of Aslan’s survive *

Aslan is a stray cat which has a  fatal illness. The illness called “fip “ .
It can get rid off the illness with GS treatment.
The treatment will pass 84 days. And the medicine is coming from abroad, with dollar currency.
Would you like to hold Aslan’s paws 🐾
Don’t let it die





I didn’t ignore Aslan, I didn’t let it die.
I can’t afford the treatment without animal lover’s help and support.

Please, would you help as without saying it is little or much ! *

Aslan’s treatment will pass 84 days.
I have to buy the medicine which costs $100 every week.

Additional, Aslan is taking kidney, liver , anemia and infection treatments. It means that I have to pay extra money.

Aslan is a stray cat and it can’t get well in streeets. That’s why , I took Aslan to a clinic to stay there safely. It means that extra money too.

I can’t afford it without helps and supports.
Me and Aslan need your helps to make Aslan healthy.  

Please support us and hold Aslan’s paws during this hard process.

You can help Aslan through PayPal account , thanks a lot. ♥️ 🐾

You can help Aslan by sharing Aslan’s need for your help to other animal lovers 🙏

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