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I am reaching out to everyone who reads this with the hope that kind strangers will be able to help me save my boy. Leonardo came into my life this past March with his siblings when they were a week old , a Good Samaritan found them  without their mama.  Since that time his siblings have been adopted into loving homes and Leonardo is complete mama’s boy so he decided to live his life with me. This past Sunday 8/23, Leonardo was exhibiting signs of having difficulty breathing and his playful energy wasn’t present as it usually is. I took him to the ER and after 12 hours of observations, testing, anxiety and waiting in the parking lot for him, the doctor concluded with a diagnosis of FIP. I’ve been fostering kittens since 2017 and I’m no stranger to this horrible disease. I’ve lost kittens to FIP before and it has been devastating every time. I’ve been doing my research and I came to find that FIP doesn't have to be a death sentence anymore. Many other cat parents have had their fur babies overcome the disease with a new medication.  I’ve looked for this medication far and wide and was able to find a way to get for it my boy. Unfortunately, it isn’t very affordable but I cannot let this little boy die because I don’t have the money to pay for his medicine. I am currently a full time graduate student and I truly need the help of the community. Please help me help him. Leonardo doesn’t have the means to help himself and he’s counting on me. His treatment is for 84 days, I’m only asking for help for his medicine. Sadly, we live in a world
where money sometimes is the difference between life and death. I’m hoping that Leonardo’s case will be different, that he will overcome this disease and it will be because of a relentless mom and because of the help of kind people who took a moment to donate or share his story. Please donate and if it’s not possible right now please share. We never know who our stories will reach. Thank you

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