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Angelo was a rescue kitten - about 3 months old when he got separated from his mom and I fished him out of my neighbor's bushes. That was August 2020. in December I noticed odd changes in his eyes, and he was losing strength and coordination in his hindquarters. Eventually he became completely blind. The vet's diagnosis was neuro/ocular FIP. Someone had pointed me to a couple of Facebook groups and I got all the information regarding the treatment available. I had previously lost 4 cats to wet FIP before learning about GS. Angelo started his injections the first week of January. His strength and appetite began to improve that very first week. After several weeks we could see the changes in his eyes. He began to run and jump. is blood was checked every 4 weeks and showed steady improvement. Angelo received his last injection the first week of April. After 84 days of observation there were no signs of relapse and his bloodwork was normal. is vision is normal. He was pronounced cured!