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This is the story of my cat Angel. In November of 2019 I took my cat to the vet, because she was acting sluggish and had a really bad breath. During the visit, the vet told me that he suspected Angel had a disease called FIP, because of the buildup of fluid in her abdomen. He drew out about a can full of fluid from her abdomen and took some blood samples to confirm that she had FIP. Before the results even came back, he asked me if I wanted to put her down right then and there, because there is no treatment for this disease and my cat is likely to die within the next two weeks. The same day I've called a Good Samaritan from whom I adopted the kitty and she mentioned that I can find some information and comfort by joining the FIP Warriors group on Facebook. I did that the same day and immediately got help. I was given a contact information to someone in the city where I live, 50 minutes away from me, who was willing to share the vial of GS treatment that he had left at his house and no longer needed. This man also showed me how to administer the shots. The first shot was administered on that very same day, a Friday and 3 days later I noticed a huge improvement in my cat's health and behavior. She started eating, perked up, started returning to being her old self. Although it was quite challenging for me to administer the shots at first, I committed to continuing the treatment and purchasing the vials of GS treatment, all with the help of FIP Warriors group. On Monday the doctor called me and confirmed that Angel head FIP. He asked me if I was ready to put her down/or what was my course of action. I told him I decided to go with the GS shots, only to find out that he said he wouldn't be able to help me with that and he wished me good luck. I was determined to help my cat and I would administer shots with the help of my children and my husband, as well as the Good Samaritan who runs the cat rescue group, and did all 84 days of Angel's treatment. The last shot was administered on February 14th of 2020. Angel is now 7 months post treatment and cured of FIP. Without the help of FIP Warriors group she wouldn't be here with us today.