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Hi everyone!

Ambrose is our sweet 4 month old kitten who we adopted from a shelter along with his brother Monty. Ever since we got him he's been plagued with every illness imaginable and was ultimately diagnosed with the dreaded FIP.

He is such a kind hearted little guy who loves to play with his brother, and we would like to do everything we can to ensure that he lives life to the fullest. Unfortunately, he is really not good with needles and has also developed multiple welts at the injection sites which are causing him visible pain. We are planning on switching his treatment to tablets to mitigate the pain and stress that comes with each dosing.
Unfortunately, the tablets are quite a bit more expensive, especially since we are having to increase the dose as he gets bigger. Anything at all will help us treat our dear Ambrose who been through so much in his short time here. Please help us make sure he gets the life he’s fought so hard for.

Thank you so much!

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