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Hey there! Please meet Akira, 18 months old handsome gentleman. I can be sassy and feisty but deep down I'm cute and friendly. I make everyone feel warm and fuzzy when they meet me. I am a magic cat. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with wet FIP on 21st July 2020. My mom was devastated to hear the news.. She is a single baby cat mumma so she was really worried that the situation would put her in high degree emotional and financial strain cause not only it is hard to take care of a sick kitty alone but FIP is also is such an expensive disease.
Mum started a GoFundMe page for hope that kind kind people can donate or share it with friends. Mum wants me to live very much. I am a magic cat and I have always been by her side when she was sick or sad. She really needs me. And I don't deserve to die so young. I want to have a long life ahead of me. I want to enjoy the sun and sniff the air and eat the grass and be naughty! Just the simple joys of life. If you can - please donate. If you can't - please share. It is the least you can do and both I and mum are going to be so greatful!! Sending you virtual huggs xx

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