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Hey there :)
Sooo... I'm a PhD student at day and an animal activist at night (which is a pretty name for "crazy cat lady" :)). Over the past 5 years I've saved over 100 cats. Currently I'm fostering ~40 cats. I'm working on my own, which means I don't have funds or any other help, and I already have quite big debt in the clinic for other cases.. But I can't imagine going to the clinic with a cat in a carrier and coming back home with the cat in a plastic bag.. So I'm struggling against all odds here to do the right thing.. and I would appreciate any help!

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The cat is Afarsek (which is "peach" because of his unique color), and I know him since he's a small kitten. I saw his mom and 4 brothers and sisters one day on my way home. They were all skinny and sick, so I began feeding them every day. Long story short,eventually Afarsek came to my house and adopted me.
One day I noticed he's "bending" his legs while walking, and at some point it deteriorated to full paralysis of the forelegs.
I took him to a neurologist, we took blood and CSF sample, and he was diagnosed with neuro FIP, which requires a double dose. Each daily shot cost 40 USD, and the treatment is 84 days.
I really hope I don't have to sell my kidney for this :(

Thank you for reading

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