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Addy is an FIP warrior. He was left out at or local park when he was only weeks old. We lost his foster sisters last week to FIP.
we will fight FIP alongside him. It’s a long and expensive process and he needs your help.
Anything counts.

to follow his progress you can go to my Instagram account- he is up on the highlights bar-

about me:
Hello all, I live partially in Turkey. My income is in Turkish liras and a box of Mutian is equal to my 3 months of rent. You can imagine this causes a lot of issues, I have borrowed some amount from around but I have doubts that we will make it to day 84 financially.

I lived in the Netherlands for a year while doing my masters. I hope to come back with my family soon (my boyfriend and our 4 cats)

About Addy:
I volunteer at our local park to help stray animals. Most vulnerable are the abandoned kittens. Whether it’s FIP or a small infection, it’s hard to treat a malnourished stray kitten into full health. And so, we experience a constant cycle of hope and frustration.
Unfortunately, we lost almost all of the kittens this winter. Addy and two others were taken care of at my parents' house for the last few months, so they pertained longer. But we lost the sisters a week ago to FIP. Now Addy is showing symptoms and I am not giving up that easy.
I am giving everything I got, monetarily and motivationally, to save this sweet small furball who has somehow charmed my dad into loving cats, superseding my lifelong struggle to get him closer to animals. They are so made for each other, my mom and I cannot believe our eyes.
So yes, Addy, despite his menacing Hitler stash, is a lovebug, and we plan to keep him alive.

Today is day 35 of his gs treatment. Hopefully, we will see the 84th day happy and healthy together.

We started with a dose of 1.10 ml for 2kg Addy who has  Ocular symptoms.

I would appreciate any information regarding our process as well.

Thank you all in advance!

Best wishes to all the FIP warriors out there!

April Zeynep

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