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💙💙Please help me save my baby💙💙
Hello everyone my Name is nourah and my baby absi just turned 1 he is  suffering from dry FIP he’s been having severe seizures and lost most of his weight my baby is soo anemic and lethargic and won’t move at all, he used to be soo chubby and fuzzy and loves life soo much😞, he used to run around nonstop and play all day and all night, he go diagnosed with FIP may 25th and he’s been getting worse ever since, he means the world to me and I wouldn’t be here without him he’s my baby and my life , please i ask all of you to contribute even if it’s just a little i need to get him on the treatment but sadly I don’t have any sources of income to pay for it, I’ve already spent all my savings on doctors appointments, everyone told me he will die no one gave me any hope until I found you guys and the amount of support is something i never imagined of  having pleaseee please help me save him please I finally found hope and you guys are my hope of getting him back to being the healthy chubby  fuzz ball he used to be. Please help save him I can’t bare the idea of losing him he’s all i got in this world💔
Patty Martin helped me reach out to all of you and I’m so thankful for everyone who supported me and helped and gave me hope
Please please help us💙💙
This is how he looks like right now soo skinny and lethargic not like the chubby fuzz ball he used to be 💔
Please help my boy it would mean the world to us ☹️💙

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