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Milo has had such a tough start to life, he’s not even two years old and has been through so much. He was found scared and alone by a member of the public at around 10 weeks old, with badly injured back legs (car accident, or animal attack). He was taken in by the RSPCA and came to me as a foster kitten so we could bring him up to good health and find him a forever home. Sadly, he developed problems and needed surgery to correct a dislocating kneecap. During the surgery, it was decided that he needed amputation. The vet even suggested that he might need to be put to sleep! I begged them to give him a chance at recovery with three legs and see how he got on. He recovered amazingly from his surgery and despite his remaining back leg still being a bit wonky from his original injuries, he had no bother hopping around and getting into mischief – he even managed to get on top of our shed one day!! We’d fallen in love with him by this point and decided to adopt him and give him the forever home that he so deserved. We had nine fun filled months with the little monster until tragedy struck him again and he was diagnosed with this dreadful disease in February.

We thankfully found FIP Warriors 5.0 on the day that the vet told us to put Milo to sleep - we started treatment the very same day and now we are on Day 58. We've had some bumps in the road - Milo couldn't tolerate the injections very well and being restrained was hurting his body because of his wonky back leg. So we switched to pills after three weeks. At his Day 56 blood, his anemia still hadn't resolved and his kidney levels weren't right, so he has had his dose doubled. Both of these things have almost doubled the intial cost projection and money is becoming tight, so we set up a fundraiser. We will not give up on our little warrior, the end is almost in sight!

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