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Lulu arrived with us in the UK just under 3 weeks ago after we adopted her from a rescue in Romania. Her cute personality shone through in her first few days and she captured our hearts immediately ♥️ After 9 days with us Lulu suffered a couple of seizures and had a cloudy eye so we took her to our emergency vets at the weekend and he referred us to a specialist referral centre. Lulu underwent extensive diagnostic tests and has been diagnosed with dry ocular/neuro FIP. She is very lethargic at the moment but still up and about for food, using her tray etc but her personality has faded 😥 Lulu is currently on steroid drops for her eyes, meds for epilepsy and steroids for inflammation but starts on the FIP treatment in 2 days time. We are praying that it will be successful and Lulu will live a long and happy life with us 🙏

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