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Miso Soup (aka Soupy Baby)

Miso is a 16 month old Kitty recently diagnosed with FIP.

We adopted Miso and her sister, Mochi, May of 2023 from the Dane County Humane Society, as emotional support animals for our (now 13 yr old) Daughter who has struggled with Mental Health challenges. Miso and her sister quickly became members of our family, bringing more to our lives, and the support our daughter needed, than we can say

After a couple of months of declining appetite, energy level, changes to coat appearance; us trying changes with her feeding routine, food, environment, we took Miso to her vet on 6/11/24.
Her physical exam was noted as "unremarkable", but her Labs came back with a different story on 6/12/24 with the vet diagnosing Miso with FIP (Dry/Optical).

The prognosis the vet gave us over the phone was not good, the vet calling the lab results the worst he has seen for FIP. 6/13/24 we were preparing to have to say goodbye to our beloved feline family member.  Though, treatments are now available in the US, it can be hard to access and still remain cost prohibitive for families like ours. Thankfully a neighbor of ours reached out and suggested another affordable vet service here that regularly treats FIP cases. They in turn put us in touch with a rescue that specializes in helping FIP kitties who with FIP Warriors is helping us access treatments at a reduced price than what we were originally being quoted. Though, it is till more than what we can afford.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal, and give Miso the best odds of being with us for years to come.

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