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Puck was my first ever cat- and my heart cat. Our neighbor found him when he was an estimated 6 weeks old- and gave him to us. He’s got a human personality inside him I swear he cracks me up. He’s the most curious cat I’ve ever seen. I trained him to do fun tricks, he loves going outside so I harness trained him and we would go on hikes together. Simply put- we have a bond, I’ve had other pets before, I’ve never connected with them quite like with Puck. So at 1 1/2 years old when he very suddenly one evening got very lethargic, wouldn’t eat anything, and had a cloudy eye, I felt something was very wrong. Took him to the vet, decided to symptom treat with an apetite stimulant and eyedrops- he was better for a whole month- until it happened again, cloudy eye in the OTHER eye and this time wouldn’t even touch his favorite treat- the irresistible Churu. Thats when the vet said FIP. Simply nothing else would be the cause of all three of these symptoms reoccuring all at once. And I was lucky enough they mentioned FIP Warriors, there are still a lot of vets who either don’t know much about the FIP cure or due to the legality won’t reccomend it…. And the next day I was picking up medication in a parking lot at 10:30 PM. Reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, how to inject, what FIP is how it works, what the medication is, how it works…. 98 days of shots. Shots that sting- a lot of hissing and growling and angry eating Churu…. A trip on a plane to my parents for the holidays with the cats. I swear Puck knows what we did it for. He doesn’t leave my side when I’m home anymore. I did it once before and I’d do it again. Forever greatful to warriors, zen by cat, my vets…