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Hi everyone. This right here is Teddie who I am convinced is the sweetest and most gentle loving little feline on the planet. I cannot help but feel blessed that he chose me to be his momma and is currently fighting for his life due to FIP. He struggles with intermittent fevers, diarrhea and trouble eating and continues to slow down each and every day more and more. In attempts to save his life, he requires his medication injected twice daily and we have a LONG road of at least 84 days minimum of recovery ahead of us. He received his first injection last evening and it was heartbreaking how uncomfortable it seemed to make him. He has already had two separate ICU hospitalizations with aggressive treatments previous to coming to terms with the diagnosis of FIP. The photo listed above was from his first hospitalization back in April where he came back home with a little pep still in his step. We are at a loss. He is our everything and we refuse to give up on him. Between hospitalizations, daily medications, continued check ups/vet visits, bloodwork, supportive care, supplies, etc. the costs continue to pile up and are not going to stop any time soon. We understand we are all facing such difficult and challenging times but are simply asking the small favor of any donation at all. Every little bit helps and will go directly towards the treatment and care of our little guy. Anything at all is so greatly appreciated. Anyone with a pet knows he is so much more than “just a cat,” he is our family and owns our entire hearts. We would love if you could please help us join in this fight with him. He has SO much more life to live as he is only 10 months old. Thank you all in advance for your generosity and kindness. God bless you all.

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