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Dusty and Dulce

Dulce and Dusty are litter mates, and 4 1/2 months old. I brought them home at the beginning of May, 2 weeks later Dulce had a very swollen abdomen, I took her to the vet ER,  and they suggested FIP, we had blood work to rule out some other things and they pulled some fluid from belly to send to lab,  confirmed FIP, 10 days later Dusty her brother,  was breathing rapidly. I took him in and chest xray showed fluid around the lungs. We could not afford to have the chest fluid drained, we already used up our emergency card on the 2 diagnostics and tests. We are treating Dusty aggressively to hopefully get chest fluid without being drained. I am now treating 2 babies, I need help with treatment, blood panels and vet visits. They will survive, they are babies, and the sweetest kitties you will ever meet. They deserve to live a full and happy life.

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