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Rain had been sick for over a month and after taking her to multiple vets, one finally diagnosed her with wet FIP. I had insisted on an ultrasound and that’s how she was diagnosed.
I force feed rain every 3 hours with syringes and probiotics.
She is in pain and miserable but she’s only 4 years old and deserves to live.

We rescued her & her twin sister from a storm drain in the middle of a storm when I heard a horrible cry from the apartment window.

She was a tiny baby with a big mouth but so perfect and loving. She has been our sweet child all her life and she deserves everything that can be done.

She is an appreciative soul. She pets my face when I cry over her, chirps sadly at me like she’s trying to be so brave.
I’m in tears on most days watching her waste away.
I’m on here trying to do anything for her.

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