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Ive known Tugboat since he was 2 months old, back in August of 2022. He was brought into the rescue I work at with a dog attack wound, then developed a few URIs, and ringworm. I fell in love with him during his time in our Ringworm isolation room. In December I took him home with me. Tugboat wasn't acting like the kitten he normally is for a while in February. On February 28th, I decided to get bloodwork done just to see what was going on. The first place I went to wasn't helpful, so I decided to take him into an emergency vet I had taken my late cat to when he passed. They proceeded to tell me he had a 105° fever and needed hospitalization. I spent so much money for him that day, and learned a few hours later that his bloodwork supported an FIP diagnosis. I immediately got ahold of some help, and the next morning at 5 am I took Tugboat home. He looked like death, he was so skinny and so sickly. It was crazy how fast it changed him in less than 24 hours. I got ahold of his first few doses of medication 4 hours after I brought him home. He didn't handle the injections well after a while. Some days it took over 3 people several hours to get it in his system. After a few weeks we decided to switch to the pill version, and he has been on that since. After a few weeks, his weight came back, his spunkiness, and his lovey side. He looked like a perfectly normal cat not too long after treatment began. Today, May 24th, I have been told its okay to stop the medication. It is mind blowing how well he reacted to it, I am eternally grateful to those who helped me in all of this.

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