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Our little Hazie was 11 months old when she was diagnosed with dry FIP in October 2022. About a month before, we had taken her to a vet who was not our regular one as an emergency because she was quite sick. He did blood work eliminating many things but still leaving FIP as a possibility. She initially seemed better so we didn’t pursue an FIP diagnosis any further. But then Hazie began deteriorating until she became listless, lost her appetite and essentially turned her face to the wall. We had to hand feed her and were so worried that we decided to take her to her regular vet who did more tests that revealed the presence of a lot of Coronavirus and other markers leading to a diagnosis of FIP. It came back positive. Whereas the first vet had been somewhat pessimistic about the prospects of recovering from FIP, our regular vet said he had seen some remarkable results with a treatment protocol he was not authorized to administer. He put us in touch with the FIP Warrior group and we began treatment the same day. Oh dear! We weren’t very practiced at administering the injections. The first one turned this sweet little cat into a growling, raging dervish. Both of us were bitten and scratched…but the next day she was so much better. We suffered through 2 weeks of injections before we managed to convince the admins in our treatment group to switch to tablets. She had developed an aversion to a Churro treats while we were using them to distract her from the injections, so we switched to Whole Hearted. We popped the tablets into the paste and she took them happily for the remainder of the course. She never looked back and her blood work improved throughout. Her energy and mischief increased steadily and she fought and played with our other Siberian every day. Truly, this treatment is a miracle and we are so grateful firstly to our vet for diagnosing and and directing us to the FB group and secondly to the dedicated volunteers who run the program. Without them, our Hazie would no longer be with us.