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my name is Sandra, I am the guardian of 9 cats, 8 of which were rescued from the street. Leo is my ninth cat, he is about a year old, and unfortunately in the short time he has lived, he has already gone through a lot of suffering. It was a stray cat, which was adopted by a family that mistreated it a lot, and ended up being returned to an association that collects stray cats. At the time, the association proposed that I be Leo's foster family, when I accepted him I realized that he was a very scared and very traumatized kitten, and I ended up staying with him. Two months later, Leo started to get sick, having been diagnosed with FIP, the veterinarian advised me to seek help in an FIP support group that managed to arrange treatment on the black market, as in Portugal there is no legal treatment. I contacted the group, and Leo started the treatment with GS, there were 84 injections, all paid for by me. Unfortunately, Leo had a relapse, and at the moment it is completely impossible for me to pay for a new treatment cycle. I am also a mother, and I am the mother of a 19-year-old girl with Dravet Syndrome, who attends an institution, which I have to pay for, who wears a diaper, who takes a lot of medication, all paid for by me. Despite loving my cats, I can't help but take care of them and give them everything my daughter needs, and that's why it's not easy to put up with Leo's treatments, consultations and exams. I ask you to share Leo's page, so that somehow he can raise donations to help pay for the treatments.

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