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Hi there,
My name is Jules, and I've got two wonderful kitties. They're my entire world, just as every hard-core pet lover feels. One of them was recently diagnosed with FIP.

My kitten Juzo is less than six months old, and has been the light of my life since we got him. He is a friendly, cuddly, goofy little guy who likes to snuggle under blankets and sit on my shoulders. A few days ago, we noticed he was very lethargic, and less interested in food.

The vet ran a load of tests, and everything pointed to FIP. My heart broke.

FIP is a very serious and aggressive illness, causing fluid build up in the chest and stomach. It uses to be a death sentence, and it still is if not specifically treated.

The problem is, FIP treatment is not FDA approved, so vets can't prescribe it. You can still get it, but it costs a small fortune. Leading me here.

Each vial of medicine is about 70 dollars. We will need close to 13 of them. He will also need a blood panel every four weeks for the next three to six months, which is roughly 300 dollars each time. He also needs needles, a cat sling for the daily shots, and a scale to be weighed weekly on.

To make matters worse, my older cat is having a 2k skin cancer surgery in May.

Between the two, I have roughly $4300 in expenses to save both cats. Thankfully the skin cancer surgery is still a full month off so I can try to be prepared even with his little brother's FIP treatment costs.

If you can help save my baby, please consider donating to this fundraiser. I can't tell you what it means to me- they are my whole world.

Thank you for the time, and the love ❤️


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