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It’s been 2 weeks now since we’ve started treatment and unfortunately poor Spike hasn’t even got one donation 😞He’s shown improvement and it’s heartbreaking to not see it all the way through 😞we will continue fighting for him but it will be hard without any financial help. We know and understand everyone has their
own obligations and responsibilities. But please, If there is any amount you can spare, no amount is too small. Anything you can give,  to help us help our Spike live 🙏❤️

For the first time, we are personally asking for help…😔

This is Spike. We rescued Spike and his 2 brothers from Analionta about 5 years ago. When our house lease was up, we couldn’t leave them there so we brought them with us and they joined our other outdoor neutered cats that live on our back patio. Unfortunately Spike has just been diagnosed with FIP.  FIP is not only deadly and very contagious, but also very costly to treat. We didn’t rescue him just to kill him. We have no choice. We have to at least try to save him.  But we need help. The treatment costs are very expensive and we are already in the red with all our animals. For the first time ever we are forced to humbly ask for help. We’ve always managed but recently it’s gotten too hard 😔 In the post you can see the sale order for the vials needed for us to save Spike’s life 😔. If anyone would like to help us help Spike live, then please, no donation is too small. Any amount will make a difference. If you can’t, we understand, you can share our post. That’s helping too 🙏❤️

You can donate at:

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Revolut account : 357 99378531

Revolut account : 357 99378531

If you don’t have Revolut or don’t want to use the go get funding link but are willing and able to help, you can always pm us to arrange. 🙏

Again, this is all new to us, we hate asking for help, but we have no choice 🙏❤️