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This is our sweet boy Gibby. He is currently on day 58 of treatment today.

In the beginning before we know Gibby had FIP he was very lethargic one night and we took him to the ER vet. They told us he just needed more nutrition and sent us with prescription food, gave him fluids ans dewormed him. 2 days later he started having seizures and went blind. We took him back to the ER vet ran a blood panel everything came back looking completely normal. They said sometimes rare diseases don’t show on blood work and suggested euthanasia if he kept getting worse. Gibby is my 16 year old daughters kitten, she has been through a lot and we got Gibs to be her emotional support buddy. This was beyond traumatizing for her. 💔 I knew I needed to get more answers. I followed up with another vet to get another option, they said they had agreed with the other vet and euthanasia was the best option. We continued to take care of him, syringe feed him and give him water as he wasn’t eating or drinking and so thin.

I started following a kitten rescue on FB that treats special needs kittens. I saw a post of them treating a kitten that had FIP, all of the symptoms sounded exactly like what Gibby had been going through! I commented on the post inquiring about the treatment and another lady had told me to reach out to warriors. I did and that day my wonderful admins Nancy Ross and Butters Stotch helped me immediately, she lead me to my new and wonderful vet in Portland where I was able to actually get some answers and further testing done on Gibby. As soon as his toxoplasmosis test came back negative I picked up vials of GS that same day and started treatment of the injections.

About a week into treatment Gibs started eating on his own again! He was chowing down! A little further into treatment he was using his litter box again! He started taking seizure medication, gabapetin, pet tinic, fortiflora along with injections twice a day and has continued to improve weekly. He went from a thin 3.1 pounds to now 5.6 pounds!

Since the beginning of treatment he has been on GS dosing every 12 hours. He switched to pills from injections five days ago as his little body and his skin were just getting too tight to tent. He has revived 105 injections prior to switching to pills. His appetite has decreased some with the switch but he also recently had his seizure meds increased. He did have a seizure yesterday and is getting a little ear infection. We have been in close contact with his admins and vet and he has an appointment on Friday to get checked and complete his 60 day blood work.

This treatment isn’t easy and so emotional but completely worth it to save our sweet boys life. He’s still here fighting today and wouldn’t be with us otherwise. 💪🧡

Please if able donate to Gibs or help share his story.

Gibby’s FIP Journey

If it wasn’t for the help and support of so many others financially and emotionally Gibby wouldn’t be here still looking as handsome as ever. 💕

I am happy to be a part of this group! 🫶 #teamgibby

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