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Ritz says, "Hi everyone, thanks for keeping up with my journey"

Ritz just started a new treatment round.
He has a balance at two vets that we need help paying off so that I can get him into the vet for an exam, blood work, and an x-ray. Every dollar helps so much! 🐾

Update on Ritz;
Ritz has been battling FIP for a year now.
He needs to go back to the vet for an exam, x-ray, blood work, and refills soon.
We're really struggling right now. Not only am I in debt from this disease, but I have balances at two different vet offices that have to be paid, and I'm in bad health myself.
I'm using every penny I can make to go towards all of these mounting costs. If you'd like to help, I have Cashapp $SewLoHC , and Facebook  pay for donations.
I've also included the links to his fundraiser 💗 thank you so much.

(If you choose to give through the fundraiser  link, they will take a fee and an additional percentage of each donation)

Ritz had to extend treatment AGAIN. We're coming up on an entire year of FIP.
It's getting very overwhelming. I'm struggling financially and emotionally, and I'm thankful for any continued support to get him through 💔
As you may know already, Ritz relapsed with big secondary issues caused by FIP as well. He's on GS treatment at a higher dose, and now also requires multiple other treatments and medications along with it. To make a long story short, when he relapsed, the pressure from his fluid buildup put so much pressure on his organs, that they've actually changed shape, and his little liver actually flipped over and then folded in half. He has various other related issues too. I'm trying to continuously raise as much as I can myself, but things are super slow right now, and I need some help raising funds.

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