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We adopted Wink from our local shelter when he was 6 weeks old with a fresh eye enucleation and a broken leg. After healing from his injuries Wink became the silliest little guy full of energy and very affectionate. He loved his humans and all fur siblings. Around his 1st birthday we noticed a decline. He was losing weight, barely eating and had no energy. The worst was he stopped playing, grooming and loving on his best friend, our other 1 year old rescue cat. The first vet ran blood work, stated it all was normal and told us he’s anorexic. Trusting the vet we invested in enrichment and many foods and treats. After two weeks of no progress, Wink being down to skin and bones along with a swollen abdomen, we saw a second vet. Turns out the blood work had all FIP markers. This vet diagnosed Wink with Wet FIP and sent him home on days to live offering no guidance, answers or support. When leaving the vet, a vet tech told us she just cured her own FIP cat, pointed us in the direction of treatment and told us to act quickly. That night we were able to connect with a moderator who provided us with all the instructions and guidance, we were able to receive emergency vials from a local who had previously treated an FIP cat, and put in for our first order of vials. we started treatment the next morning. While at first it was a bit traumatic for both us and Wink, we wanted to give him the best chance so we kept going. After one week of daily injections, we started seeing progress. He got his energy back, shed the fluids from his abdomen, started playing again, and had a great appetite. We finally connected with a vet who was willing to support and who was all on board for the directions given by the moderators. During the three months of treatment we had highs and lows but developed a routine and worked through it. At first Wink’s bloodwork looked worse while his presentation was better, but after a month, his bloodwork had gone back to normal and Wink’s progress was tremendous with no doubt. We finished treatment with flying colors and observation phase too. We are now a month out of observation, and Wink has completely gone back to himself. We are beyond thankful for the FIP community for saving our cat’s life and would do it all over again if necessary. Please put your faith in the process, while non conventional it is so worth it.