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This is Reebok known as Arthur as well. On this picture he is after his first injection. He is only 4,5 months old. Only a few weeks ago he and his sister were adopted from the shelter. They and two more kittens were born on the street during the cold Swedish winter and would die, but one amazing woman Tracy who owns the shelter spent many hours and kittens together with their mother where in the worm and safe place. Reebok went to the veterinary and got all vaccinations, vet signed him as a completely healthy kitten OK for adoption. But on March 5th (3 weeks after adoption), recently Reebok couldn't breathe and I drove him to the vet ambulance department. The next day he got diagnosed with FIP. Vet told me to let him fell a sleep forever because in Sweden they don't treat cats with FIP. Another option was to sign him in the bigger clinic with supporting treatment which costs more than 15 000 USD with no result. Thanks, Gud, Tracy has found contacts to FIP Warriors and we could find GS-medicine straight from the distributor. I started to treat Reebok at home with everyday injections for at least 84 days. He needs to go to the vet when he cannot breathe to get rid of liquids in his chest and get some oxygen.
Lately, we just got to know that Reebok's bro Max was in the same vet ambulance as us, on the same day with the same diagnosis :( Max condition is even worse than Reebok's, he visits the vet every second day. But both I and Max's mother won't give up!
P.S. Please, send your prayers for Reebok's sis Puma, since two kittens from one cat family got FIP we are very afraid for her health as well.

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