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Nutmeg has had a tough start to life. She was found as a 6 week old kitten emaciated, cold, and infected with botfly larvae.  She ended up losing her one eye due to a massive infection/disruption from the botfly. When we brought her home she immediately made herself comfortable (despite all she had been through) and we knew this little kitten wouldn’t let her disability hold her back. 3.5 years later, on January 23rd, Nutmeg became very lethargic, wouldn’t move, and wouldn’t drink. Her good eye looked strange and her third eyelid showed almost to the point of covering her who eye. After two regular vet visits (who chalked up her illness to a nasty URI) followed by a 24 hour ER vet stay and an ultrasound and needle aspirate of her liver and kidneys (the internist thought it was lymphoma but thankfully the oncologist pointed us in the FIP direction) we had an FIP diagnosis. A good friend of mine happened to see Nutmeg’s picture from the vet on Facebook (as I was destroyed and terrified about losing my baby…we had just lost our oldest cat at 19.5 January 9th) and commented “I think Nutmeg has FIP”. When I got the diagnosis, I immediately contacted my friend and she had a vial of GS from treating her FIP warrior a year ago. We ended up at her house after picking up Nutmeg from the ER vet and gave our first shot on their kitchen table with their sweet FIP warrior watching. I knew then that he was Nutmeg’s biggest supporter.

UPDATE: Nutmeg was declared cured on 7/31/23 and is now an FIP Survivor!

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