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In April 2022, we finally got our 4 Main Coons babies that we dreamed about it for years. Our baby Tundra was diagnosed with FIP in May and unfortunately passed since we didn’t know anything about GS. After this heartbreaking outcome, we became really anxious about our other kitties… In July, at 6 months old, our babies got fixed. A few weeks later, Ash stated to act weir, she wasn’t play and eating. Her little stomach was bloated. We took her to a new vet and she was diagnosed with FIP. Our hearts couldn’t take this news. We were NOT ready to let her go. This new vet got us in contact with FIP Warriors 5.0 and the same day we started with the treatment. Injections was a nightmare for us! She cried, scratched and hide from us… it was extremely stressful. I used to cry every night before and after the injections. She started feeling better in a week and on day 17, we switched to pills! After treatment and observation, she was declared cured o January 26-23. We adore her! The whole family revolves around her! This was probably one of the most difficult time that we had last year! But also the most rewarding one! After all this, we developed FIP PTSD! We are constantly looking at our cats and we panic if they are not playing, or sleeping more that usual. FIP changed our lives. At the same sense, we meet a wonderful group of people ready to help and do whatever it takes to save our kitties lives! The world will be a better place if all humans were like the amazing people on this group!! God bless you all!