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Our cat became ill in December, hiding and not eating. We noticed he had trouble walking and could not hold his back end up. He has always been very active so we thought he possibly fell and hurt his back. The vet prescribed pain meds and we tried those for a week. During this time he continued to lose weight and not eat. We began force feeding and went back to the vet, at this time we also noticed his 3rd eyelids were always showing. We ran bloodwork and saw elevated globulins. At this time out vet advised of dry fip with ocular and neuro. He advised there is no approved treatment but was aware of a fb group that may be able to help. I found the FIP warriors and started treatment right away. Appa started eating and being more active within 3 days. We are 50 days in and Appa has gained 3 pounds and is 100% back to his normal playful self. Recent bloodwork shows globulins are down to 4.4 from 6.5.