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We were given our sweet kitty Dolly for Christmas and fell in love with her. When Dolly suddenly couldn’t walk last week, and started having seizures, we were devastated. Fortunately someone pointed us in the direction of this miracle treatment. We are doing all we can to save Dolly, and things are really looking up since we started the medication. We have already spent hundreds of dollars at the vet and hundreds more on GS supplies-with a lot more expenses still to come. We have 7 kids and are already on a tight budget, so Dolly’s care is a hardship for us, but we are willing to do it for her. I made this go fund me a few days ago and felt too embarrassed to share it, but today I decided there’s no harm in it, and there are such wonderful people here! My Venmo is @seesalou (4 digits 1504) and I’ll put that in the comments below.

Please click the link and read our story. If money is tight for you too, please don’t feel the need to donate…but if you feel inclined and are blessed with much, we would be so, so grateful for a little help. Once we get through this, I want to keep paying a little $ forward for other people to save their pets too. Thank you! 🤍

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Venmo is @seesalou1504