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In June of 2022 my one year old cat, Jack, went from 8 to 6 lbs within a few days.  He was extremely lethargic, withdrawn and not eating or drinking.   Jack then became blind, began stumbling and couldn't jump up.  He was diagnosed with FIP, but no helpful information or advice other than euthanasia was offered. Another vet friend directed me to FIP Warriors  5.0.  Within a few days Jack started his injections, and after his second treatment he started to eat and drink again.  By the second week of treatment Jack's vision was restored, and he was able to walk and jump without difficulty. He continued with injections, monthly lab work, and daily improvements in his weight and activities. Jack's treatment was 84 days + 2 weeks,  and by October he went into observation time. On New Year's Eve Jack successfully completed his FIP treatment experience.  He's a very sweet, happy, energetic and large boy now at 13.5 lbs!