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Charlie was really sick back right before Christmas. I got him in with our vet to find out what was going on. We went through a few rounds of antibiotics trying to get him to feel better, but it wasn't helping. That's when my vet asked me if I had ever heard of FIP. I've had cats my whole life, but FIP is something I was completely unfamiliar with. She did an ultrasound on Charlie and said that he had fluid in his abdomen and she was concerned that he might have FIP. She pointed me in the direction of FIP Warriors 5.0 who have been so incredibly helpful on this journey with Charlie. As of this writing, Charlie is on day 20 of treatment. Up until yesterday (day 19) he had been drastically improving but yesterday was a very difficult day for Charlie. He was hiding under the bed again, had no appetite, threw up on the bathroom rug... so he went to see the vet. The vet was unable to get bloodwork on him today, but she's thinking Charlie might not be feeling well due to soreness from treatment as well as a secondary infection caused my his sore that developed this week. Charlie is a tough boy, and I have no doubts that he will kick FIP's butt. However, funds have gotten pretty tight and we could use some help if possible. The treatment itself is quite costly but that doesn't include all the vet bills, blood work, supplies and special items needed to fight this heartbreaking and horrible battle. If you can find it in your heart to help us, we would be eternally grateful!

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