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This has been a very long, emotional road.  Nehka started treatment for neurological FIP in May 2022 and during that time she has been an amazing warrior.  Due to abnormal labs, she endured months and months of continuous, painful injections; stubborn sores; and relapses.  

She is still fighting, but is not doing well at the moment despite the changes to her treatment.

We are hoping to raise some money to have her hospitalized.  We have been doing everything we can, but she really needs round the clock, professional care, with full diagnostics.

Over the past 9 months, we've drained our savings, maxed out our credit cards, sold belongings, and borrowed money to cover the cost of treatment and now we are completely tapped out. It's been difficult, but Nehka is totally worth it.

Please keep Nehka in your prayers and thoughts as she continues her fight.  If you are able, please consider donating and sharing.  Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!  We so desperately want to save her life!

If you prefer, you may also donate through PayPal or Venmo:

Venmo: @Jennifer-Jackiw

Love and Blessings,

James, Nehka, Angel Loki, and all of our fuzzies

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