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We found out 8 month kitten Coconut, was diagnosed with Uveitis, along with glaucoma. I just received a call from the vet, he said that Coconut most likely has FIP as well. Our precious baby has been with us now since June of 2022. I still remember the ride home with her sleeping in my lap! It hurts to see my once joyful playful kitten, sad and in pain. She comforted my grandmother in her last moments of passing 3 months ago. I can’t imagine my life without her, she’s our everything, and I don’t have the heart to give up on her. I’m currently a full time college student so financially, her treatment costs are quite expensive and unaffordable. Right now the cost of treatment still isn’t set, since we found out today. However it is estimated to be around 5k, including vet visits, medication, and a treatment for her FIP. There are a few pics of how much she’s grown over the last few months! The picture of the paperwork were the charges for the medicine and vet visit today that I paid for. I’d greatly appreciate any donation, and prayers, thank you ! Any excess funds will be donated to ASCPA & FIP Warriors

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