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The orange kitten I went to adopt had a little tabby roommate and of course I couldn’t not take them both! I wasn’t even looking for this girl but I’m convinced we found each other for a reason. Her name is Carrie and within a week of coming home with me, her belly swelled up and she stopped eating. She was down to 2.9 pounds and no sound came out when she meowed. The vet recognized the symptoms and said it was fatal, FIP. But he knew of a treatment he couldn’t offer. In a whirlwind few days I’d made contact with a local group of FIP Warriors who gave me a vial of GS and got us started on our journey. SOMEHOW I managed 84 days of injections all by myself and Carrie endured it with the help of gabapentin and trust. We’re 8 months out of observation and she weighs 13 pounds. She found her voice. It’s the sweetest sound. She’s gregarious and silly, full of personality. It’s unthinkable to imagine she would’ve just been lost if it wasn’t for this treatment. It wasn’t cheap! And it was hard. To anyone going through this, I understand. Stay strong.