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Norman was adopted along with his littermate, Gilbert, at 4 months of age. He has always been smaller with a duller coat. Even at 4 months (2 months before the wet FIP diagnosis), someone saw him and made a comment about FIP. This was the first time I have learned about FIP and it was always at the back of my mind. Two months later, Norman suddenly gained 0.5kg in 2 weeks and has a big belly. He was still eating and drinking well when I took him to the vet, which deemed his diagnosis as “grave”. With the help of the FIP warrior, we were able to immediately start his treatment right after. That night, Norman was seemingly in pain in his litterbox. A second trip to the ED in less than 24 hrs. The admin group proactively suggested antibiotics, which is what saved him. The vet did not start any antibiotics and ultimately Norman had a UTI secondary to FIP. Once he was on the correct antibiotics, Norman slowly and surely started responding to the treatment. It’s been up and down and an overall rollercoaster. We believed Norman did have a mixed wet/neuro onset as he was not jumping for several weeks before the diagnosis. After 94 days of treatment and 84 days of observation, Norman is finally deemed cured of FIP.