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We recently moved into a new house and all our cats were somewhat discombobulated, not behaving as they normally would. We ourselves were overwhelmed with everything, so I guess that's why we didn't notice that Bianca was not as active and playful as she normally is. Her symptoms were not dramatic-- she came running in for breakfast and dinner, as per usual. But her weight dropped from 11 lbs down to 7 lbs in just a couple of months! I saw her come to eat, but had not paid attention to how soon she left or how much she actually consumed. Suffice to say, she became lethargic and we realized something was terribly wrong. FIP was not on my short list, because we had already been through it twice, and hoped never again. When our vet examined her, Bianca had a high fever. She was given every blood test, and the results were not good. All signs pointed to FIP, and everything else was ruled out. Noting that in Dr. Pedersen's studies he had said that one way to diagnose FIP, was to treat for it and see if there was a positive response, we started GS medication immediately. Almost overnight, Bianca was looking better, eating a LOT, and obviously feeling much more herself. We are currently 6 weeks in, and her bloodwork is back to normal, she is bouncing off the walls with energy, and back up to 10.7 lbs. This is such a miracle, and I'm so glad we knew where to turn for help!!