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Merlin and Mazikeen

Merlin/Mazikeen Here is our story, October of last year (2021) while searching for a new companion for my senior cat who had recently lost his buddy due to old age, I came across a posting for two sibling kittens that were being adopted out together from our local Animal control. They had been born premature but were otherwise healthy. They were adorable cuddly healthy smart kittens with no health issues. Fast forward to first week of February when at 6 months of age both had their spay/neuter surgeries. A week later we noticed Mazikeen was urinating in unusual areas. The vet suspected a UTI and put her on antibiotics. A few days later Merlin started walking oddly, as if he had an injury. Back to the vet we went and they suspected a soft tissue injury. Over the next week both pretty much stopped eating but as their weight was still ok so the vet was not yet too concerned. I had to go away for a few days and the person looking after them was trying everything to get them to eat. Upon arriving back home I was astounded to see how much their bellies had swollen especially since they were not eating and from what I noticed from when I arrived home, not using the litter box at all. At that point I rushed them to the emergency vet. February 22 I got the news both kittens had less than a week to live suffering from wet and nuro FIP (the straw coloured fluid they extracted was the given) it was suggested to put them down asap as apparently it was the humane thing to do. It was suspected that the spay/neuter surgeries had stressed their immune systems leading to this result and “sometimes that happens” I went home that night WITH my kittens and started to research, if there was anything I could find out there to help them I was definitely going to find it. And I did. I was at first skeptical but what did I have to lose. Within 14 days from when I started their initial injections both had their abdominal fluid almost totally disappear. And their appetite back. Slowly they became their old silly selves again. I’m very happy to say after 98 days of Gabapentin and nightly needles for each of them plus another 90 days of observation both are doing well and of course are very much alive! I just hope more vets begin to know FIP is no longer a death sentence as our vet has been following their progress closely. A special thank you to all involved in helping make this treatment available