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Hello, This is Nemo. He is now six months old. I rescued Nemo at four months old from Forgotten Cats. It was love at first sight. I knew we needed each other. Nemo was always very thin and a vocal ball of love and energy. He had a respiratory infection when I got him. Two weeks of antibiotics and a lot of TLC seemed to help with that. He had an immediate bond with my one and a half year old dog Jeannie Jr. and they became inseparable. I got a message from Forgotten Cats that there was another kitten in need of a rescue. I figured Nemo is so friendly and happy let’s get him. It was a win and Nemo and Simba bonded immediately. A happy and complete family. It was night time when I was looking at Simba and Nemo laying next to each other. I noticed Nemo breathing was fast and labored. At the vet the next morning the X-rays showed fluid around the lungs. The vet took out 3cc’s of fluid and the lab results strongly suggested it was FIP. I researched FIP and found an amazing support group on FB. I found generous people who have the Gs-441524 viles and started my little Nemo on the injections. My baby Nemo who used to wake me every morning before work with kisses and good morning meows now needs to be syringe fed and carried to the Litter box. He talks no more except when I lift him up. Nemo is a fighter as he takes each painful injection with bravery. I believe that FIP is not a death sentence and I will keep my baby boy strong and fighting. The medicine Nemo needs is 70 dolllars a vile and the injections are 84 days. As Nemo grows stronger his dose will increase. He needs routine blood work often to track his progress . I have spent 1000 dollars on his care so far, but money is getting tight as I’m a single mom. Please help me raise the money i desperately need to save Nemo.
Thank you for taking your time to read my story.

UPDATE: Nemo has completed observation and is considered cured of FIP!

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