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Nardo was diagnosed with wet FIP on 8/22 at just 9 months old and was given less than a day to live. We got our hands on treatment that night and by day 2, he was up and trying to play, by day 5 his 105.8 fever was gone, and by day 7, his giant belly was no more. He has made an incredible recovery physically, but unfortunately, his bloodwork isn't totally portraying that picture. Today is day 83/84 of treatment, but his total proteins (8.7) and globulins (5.4) remain elevated, and AG ratio (0.6) is low. Due to this, we will be extending treatment at an increased dose. The blood, sweat, tears and shear about of stress and fear that come along with an FIP diagnosis is unbelievable. Everyday I struggle with the idea that I did something wrong which is causing this treatment extension. We have opted to go with pills for the extension, and I am struggling with battling my internal demons. What is this hurts him, what if he can't absorb the dose, what if it isn't effective for him? I am terrified. Paying for treatment has been a huge struggle and this extension just increases the stress even more. I am terrified that if he needs another extension, I will not be able to afford it and will have to watch him decline. I only want the best for Nardo and will do anything in my power to ensure he has a fighting chance.

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