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A couple of months ago one of our furkids, Hiro, was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) shortly before his two year birthday. Our vet who we’ve trusted for over two decades told us there was no treatment and his prognosis was grim. Needless to say, Michelle and I were heartbroken, but were curious to know more. After some searching online, we discovered the FIP Warriors group who informed us there was indeed treatment that has recently achieved a 97% cure rate, thanks to the research of Dr Neils Pedersen from UCDavis in California. The medication is still waiting to be officially sanctioned, but available at a reasonable cost thanks to FIP Warriors across the country. We were skeptical but had little to lose, so we acquired the meds and have been administering them to Hiro each day for a few weeks and the results thus far are nothing short of miraculous - he’s lost all the toxic fluids, gained muscle mass, and very much his active self again. He’s not quite out of the woods yet, but we are very optimistic he is well on his way to a complete recovery. We are eternally grateful for folks like ZenByCat who are fighting FIP and promoting awareness. We do not blame our vet for his initial diagnosis. Many vets are still under the impression FIP is not curable, and we are working with our vet to help get more information. ZenByCat is dedicated to reaching all the cat lovers of the world and inspire each to give to FIP Research, even if the amount is a single dollar. All funds raised go equally to and The Bria Fund associated with the Winn Feline Organization. No donated money is used for our cats, no one in our non-profit is paid, and all costs for building and expanding our website are donated by me. If you would like to know more about our organization and how we administer our funds, please contact me at peter [at] zenbycat [dot] org. Join us in the fight against this deadly disease! Tell ‘em Hiro sent ya!