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Loki is a 6 month old kitten I have had since he was 5-6 weeks old. He is in rescue. Last week (week of 10/3/22) he developed a very distended tummy. I took a fecal sample to the vet concerned about parasites. By Sunday night he wasn't eating and his belly was larger. I reached out to a friend in rescue and a friend who is a vet and sent some pictures. I was advised to join FIP Warriors 5.0 and obtain bloodwork. We had a vet visit on 10/10/22 where the vet drew a tiny drop of fluid off his abdomen. The fluid was straw colored and sticky and my vet confirmed a Wet FIP diagnosis. Bloodwork was also completed. I obtained 3 vials of meds that evening and started treatment. We are heading into day 4 and we are seeing signs of improvement. Our rescue is tiny and does not have a lot of money, so I'm not sure how we will continue treatment.

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