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Cindy was rescued as a kitten over six months ago. We rescued her along with several others from a cat hoarder where they lived in a terrible, filthy environment. They were taken to our Vet's clinic and stayed the for a short while we searched for people that could take them in.

We managed to find adopters for most of the kittens, including Cindy's parents, but two of them, Cindy and Jujuba stayed behind because they were the youngest and most fragile of the lot. Our Vet cared for them for several months and while they got much better, however, Cindy was diagnosed with FeLV and it got much more difficult to find someone to adopt her and Jujuba.

My wife and I often help animal protectors and NGOs related to animal rights and as it usually happens, we adopted several rescue animals, including 8 other cats, 3 dogs, and 2 chinchillas. One of the other cats we adopted was also diagnosed with FeLV and so it is highly possible that our cats might have gotten it from her. We have already vaccinated the cats but since the virus might be inactive, we're unsure of who may have it.

But, since the disease was already present in our home, we decided to adopt both Cindy and Jujuba as our Vet would no longer be able to keep them on her clinic. While we're extremely grateful to our Vet's staff and they all loved them both very much, it was, after all, a place of business and they didn't get the love and comfort of having a home.

They were very happy to come and instantly got along great with all others, even our dogs, and didn't have any issues settling in. Sadly, just shy of three months here, she started having trouble breathing and when we took her to the Vet, after running several exams we finally got the FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) diagnostic.

This disease is deadly and the treatment is very costly. She has to be injected with the treatment drug daily for almost 3 months. Each vial of the drug is only enough for two doses and it costs 75 USD + delivery + payment taxes from my country, not to mention the expenses with the Vet.

We're asking for help from any kind soul that sympathizes with being unable to bear seeing an animal suffer without help. Any amount helps and we greatly appreciate everyone's assistance.

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